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 Where Hair & Fashion Meet

The ultimate destination where hair and fashion seamlessly intertwine. Our brand is more than just clothing; it's a lifestyle, an expression of individuality, and a celebration of empowerment.

  • Revitalize and Shine

    Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment

    • Price: $50 and up
    • Description: Treat your hair to a rejuvenating experience with our shampoo and conditioning treatment. Let us cleanse your mane until squeaky clean, followed by a thorough conditioning session under the dryer. Your hair will feel refreshed and revitalized, ready to conquer the day.

    Shampoo & Conditioner Press/Flat Iron

    • Price: $85 and up
    • Description: Achieve sleek and smooth hair with our press and flat iron service. After shampooing and conditioning, we'll meticulously press and flat iron your hair to perfection, leaving you with a stunning, polished look that lasts.

    Shampoo & Conditioner Curls Only

    • Price: $70
    • Description: Embrace your natural curls with our shampoo and conditioner curls only service. We'll cleanse and condition your hair before enhancing your curls, leaving them defined and bouncy for a flawless finish.
  • Transform and Style

    Shampoo Conditioner & Full Weave with Small Leave Out

    • Price: $200
    • Description: Elevate your look with a full weave featuring a small leave-out section for a natural appearance. After shampooing and conditioning, we'll expertly weave in extensions, blending seamlessly with your natural hair. Say hello to voluminous, glamorous locks!

    Shampoo & Conditioner with Weave In & Wig

    • Price: $75
    • Description: Experience versatility with our shampoo and conditioner service paired with a weave in and wig. We'll cleanse and condition your hair before seamlessly integrating extensions and styling a complementary wig, giving you endless styling options.

    Shampoo Conditioner & Full Braided Crochet

    • Price: $185
    • Description: Embrace intricate braided styles with our full braided crochet service. After shampooing and conditioning, we'll skillfully braid your hair using the crochet method, ensuring durability and style that lasts.
  • Illuminate and Color

    Shampoo Conditioner & Cellaphane/Rinse Color

    • Price: $110
    • Description: Add vibrancy and shine to your hair with our cellaphane/rinse color service. After a luxurious shampoo and conditioner treatment, we'll apply a customized rinse color to enhance your hair's natural beauty, leaving you with radiant, glossy locks.

    Highlights for Natural Healthy Hair

    • Starting Price: $75
    • Description: Brighten up your look with highlights designed specifically for your natural healthy hair. During a comprehensive consultation, we'll discuss the best highlighting options to complement your hair texture and skin tone, ensuring a stunning result.

    Highlights for Weaving Hair

    • Price: $120 and up
    • Description: Elevate your weaving style with highlights tailored to weaving hair. Whether you desire subtle dimension or bold contrast, our expert stylists will create a customized highlighting solution that accentuates your weave beautifully.
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